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My First Book Club

I had always dreamed of being in a book club. I envisaged a small, articulate band of women meeting regularly in each other’s lounge rooms for impassioned discussions about the latest Booker Prize winner or literary wűnderkind, fuelled by copious … Continue reading

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The Hideous Carbuncle and the Great Literary Detective Puzzle

The other day, for the first time in my life, I unexpectedly found myself envying women who wear the burqua. I realise that this is a rather unconventional attitude and that it’s more traditional to pity them as voiceless victims … Continue reading

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Of curious cats and krinkletoys, cabbages and kings..

My last post about Fina’s shameful behaviour during an otherwise civilised dinner with friends has generated quite a few enquiries: ‘What a shocking cat – why do you keep her?’, ‘Do you not fear for your own safety?’, ‘Have you … Continue reading

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