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Every workplace has a crazy cat lady (and this time it won’t be me.)

There’s a fine line between ‘delightfully whimsical’ and ‘crazy cat lady.’ I am trying not to overstep this line, although it’s hard when I have a cat that goes on regular expeditions to bring me pilgrim offerings of dead frangipani … Continue reading

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Lionel Shriver’s ‘So much for that’ (or ‘Why it is better to be extremely ill on a small African island than in America’)

You could never accuse Lionel Shriver of being too cheerful. Forgive me if I seem a little flat right now but I’ve just finished her latest novel, ‘So much for that’, and can’t help but feel rather depressed. Not quite … Continue reading

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The Rise and Fall of the Cat Empire

‘I think the cat’s plotting something,’ R said. This was so supremely obvious I didn’t even deign to respond. Of course the cat was plotting something- that is what cats do. It is the nature of the universe: men sow, … Continue reading

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The twilight hours – and the heat is on

It is a sad day when a woman loses her cat to the heater. ‘Yes, it may keep you warm at night,’ I tell Fina coldly, ‘but will it talk to you? Or feed you? Or sing you special cat … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? *

‘Why ‘bakersdaughterwrites?’ R asked warily. ‘You’re not going to start cooking again, are you?’ It wasn’t my first choice for a blog name, actually. What I really wanted was ‘The Baker’s Daughter’ by itself. And I wanted it with an … Continue reading

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To say nothing of the cat…

‘I’ve started up a blog,’ I announce to my friend, M, over the telephone. ‘A blog!’ he thunders. ‘Who told you about blogs?!’ He had the same response when I got a laptop and a microwave. He likes to think … Continue reading

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A font walks into a bar…

‘Do you want to have a look at my new blog?’ I ask shyly. My partner, R, works with computers so is much harder to impress, technology-wise, than the cat. ‘Sure,’ he agrees. I have an ulterior motive: I want … Continue reading

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Herding Cats

First problem – I can’t find the cat. She’s gone off on one of her expeditions next door to retrieve dead leaves. We have leaves in our own garden, of course, but the ones next door are better: they are … Continue reading

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