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It’s like deja-vu all over again*

To those of you who are my Facebook friends, the below blog may sound familiar. This not because I’m plagiarising, however – because good librarians don’t do that – but rather, because it’s been cobbled together from an assortment of my … Continue reading

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The peculiarly deceptive tendencies of ordinary household objects

The cat was strangely uncommunicative this morning. I was chattering away in my usual inane fashion (I think I was talking about apartheid, from memory) and she wasn’t saying a thing. I mean, she’s not exactly chatty most mornings, but … Continue reading

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A Return to Form: Erasing the Cat

The other day a friend told me that my blog had become rather boring lately. He said all my posts seemed to be about books and crosswords and stupid things, when what everyone really wanted to know about was the cat. … Continue reading

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An exchange of cross words (or, why there is no book review this week either)

I found the cat doing anagrams when I came home today. At least I assume that’s what she was doing: the scrabble tiles were scattered about her on the rug and she had a look of fierce concentration on her face. … Continue reading

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Of curious cats and krinkletoys, cabbages and kings..

My last post about Fina’s shameful behaviour during an otherwise civilised dinner with friends has generated quite a few enquiries: ‘What a shocking cat – why do you keep her?’, ‘Do you not fear for your own safety?’, ‘Have you … Continue reading

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Friday night dinner with friends: leek and lemon risotto accompanied by general carnage

It’s an embarrassing thing when you invite friends over for dinner and the cat spends the entire evening mauling everything in sight. This was the first time Darrell, Sandra and family had met Seraphina Nightingale and they were initially very impressed. … Continue reading

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All Cats are from La-La Land (or A Feline Perspective on Multi Personality Disorder)

Cats are capricious creatures. I realise this is a tautology –  that cats are renowned for being contradictory and I may as well just say, ‘cats are cats.’ So why do I make this rather obvious point, you ask?  Around … Continue reading

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An Instructive Lesson from Charlotte Bronte, or ‘Fina Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’

If rereading Jane Eyre has taught me anything, it’s that the cat is mad and will have to be shut in the attic. The only problem is we don’t have an attic. I went to Richard and explained to him … Continue reading

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Initial Impressions

This morning, as I sat down at my computer with a mug of coffee and prepared to write my blog, the cat observed that my ingenious system of referring to individuals in my posts by their first initials in order … Continue reading

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Every workplace has a crazy cat lady (and this time it won’t be me.)

There’s a fine line between ‘delightfully whimsical’ and ‘crazy cat lady.’ I am trying not to overstep this line, although it’s hard when I have a cat that goes on regular expeditions to bring me pilgrim offerings of dead frangipani … Continue reading

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