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‘Can You Forgive Her?’ (No, not the Petshop Boys song…)

When the pressures of a four-day-a-week job and a psychotic cat become too much to bear, it’s nice to know you can take refuge in the classics. You usually know what you’re getting with a classic: it survived until the … Continue reading

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Enough Beating about the Bush: the Dark Side of Bush Regeneration

I almost threw out the plumbing newsletter that appeared in my mailbox today, dismissing it as mere junk-mail. Thank god I did read it, though, otherwise I may never have benefited from the wonderfully informative and moderate warning contained within: … Continue reading

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After the Wedding

The wedding season is over for the year. My cousin S. is now married; the first female relative in my generation to tie the knot.  Another cousin, four years younger than me, was married a few months back. It’s starting … Continue reading

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Paging through the years: Kate Morton’s ‘The Distant Hours’, and a new resolution

This was supposed to be a bookish blog, a forum for me to record my thoughts on what I’m reading and make wry insider observations about the goings-on in the book world  – never mind my lack of insider knowledge … Continue reading

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The Ruckus Birds

The ruckus-birds were back this morning at 4am, screeching and shrilling and jabbering and splitting the darkness apart. They’re like something out of Lewis Carroll’s strange garden: the car alarm bird, with its insistent sonic cheep; the typewriter bird, with … Continue reading

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