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‘How It Feels’, Brendan Cowell

I recently resolved not to write any more negative book reviews, which is why you will not be reading my thoughts on Brendan Cowell’s How it Feels. Thank you. Advertisements

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A Return to Form: Erasing the Cat

The other day a friend told me that my blog had become rather boring lately. He said all my posts seemed to be about books and crosswords and stupid things, when what everyone really wanted to know about was the cat. … Continue reading

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An exchange of cross words (or, why there is no book review this week either)

I found the cat doing anagrams when I came home today. At least I assume that’s what she was doing: the scrabble tiles were scattered about her on the rug and she had a look of fierce concentration on her face. … Continue reading

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A Knock at the Door

Thank God for that stranger turning up unexpectedly at my front door, or I’d have nothing at all to write about. For the last week or so I’ve been acutely aware that I need to write a new post – … Continue reading

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