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My first meme: Top 10 fictional best friends

I’ll admit it – I’m not really good with technology. I can’t turn on the TV without assistance. I’ve been known to ask four-year-old children how to use my mobile phone. Even turning on the lights poses a problem on … Continue reading

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An exchange of cross words (or, why there is no book review this week either)

I found the cat doing anagrams when I came home today. At least I assume that’s what she was doing: the scrabble tiles were scattered about her on the rug and she had a look of fierce concentration on her face. … Continue reading

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‘Can You Forgive Her?’ (No, not the Petshop Boys song…)

When the pressures of a four-day-a-week job and a psychotic cat become too much to bear, it’s nice to know you can take refuge in the classics. You usually know what you’re getting with a classic: it survived until the … Continue reading

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Paging through the years: Kate Morton’s ‘The Distant Hours’, and a new resolution

This was supposed to be a bookish blog, a forum for me to record my thoughts on what I’m reading and make wry insider observations about the goings-on in the book world  – never mind my lack of insider knowledge … Continue reading

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My First Book Club

I had always dreamed of being in a book club. I envisaged a small, articulate band of women meeting regularly in each other’s lounge rooms for impassioned discussions about the latest Booker Prize winner or literary wűnderkind, fuelled by copious … Continue reading

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The Hideous Carbuncle and the Great Literary Detective Puzzle

The other day, for the first time in my life, I unexpectedly found myself envying women who wear the burqua. I realise that this is a rather unconventional attitude and that it’s more traditional to pity them as voiceless victims … Continue reading

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Justin Cronin’s ‘The Passage’: a book to bring a nation to its knees (in every sense of the word)

Every intelligent person should have a copy of Justin Cronin’s The Passage by their bed. If an intruder comes into your room in the dead of night and you want to hurl a book at them to defend yourself, this … Continue reading

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An Instructive Lesson from Charlotte Bronte, or ‘Fina Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’

If rereading Jane Eyre has taught me anything, it’s that the cat is mad and will have to be shut in the attic. The only problem is we don’t have an attic. I went to Richard and explained to him … Continue reading

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The Shame Files: The Books I Should Have Read – But Haven’t

I don’t know about you, but I believe in signs. In particular, I believe there must be some significance in the fact that over the past month, I have heard three separate people refer to a 1974 novel called Changing … Continue reading

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Black Books and Blue Heelers

I have a confession to make: despite all my effusive posts about my cat, I’m a dog person at heart. I read an article a few years back where the author wrote about the ‘dog of their life.’ The idea … Continue reading

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