Off the air…

This is just a very quick update dashed out on the computer at work. I have to apologise for not having posted, replied to comments or visited anyone else’s blog for so long.  I’m not dead, despite the best efforts of the cat – it’s just that with all the excitement of the holiday season, we were foolish enough to forget to pay our phone bill. It seems that once you get cut off, it’s curiously difficult for the phone company to reconnect you again unless you’re willing to grovel, commit to some type of ninety-year contract and offer up your first born as penance (difficult if you’re still childless.) For the past two weeks we’ve been phone-less and internet-less then.

I’m quite enjoying it, though. It’s just like living in the18th century – I’ve taken to wearing modest muslin frocks, riding everywhere in a barouche landau and am currently trying to procure the services of a footman. (The only candidate to present himself so far has been called Russell, which is clearly not a very footman-like name, but with the importunacy of youth, he flatly refused to be called Bert or Jenkins or even Albert. Plus, he had what looked like a sabre tooth tiger’s tooth puncturing his ear, which also was not particularly satisfactory.)

I’m getting an incredible amount of reading done without the computer to distract me. I’ve gobbled up at least a dozen YA novels for work, Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series being the highlight, and am now working my way through Anna Karenina (first step to a life less shame-filled.) My crossword skills are improving by leaps and bounds – so much so that I no longer feel the need to demand libations and burnt offerings each time I complete a cryptic crossword in its entirety.  And then there’s the baking: muffins, honeycakes and what I like to modestly describe as the most delectable chocolate raspberry brownies ever conceived of by man.

We’ve also decorated the house for Christmas. The tree is up – a real tree, with that sharp, astringent, crushed pine smell that stings the back of your nostrils – a vase of glossy holly leaves sits on the dining room table, and the Christmas cards are beginning to pile up on the mantel (Ok, we’ve got two – but I’m assuming everyone else has emailed.) It’s Fina’s first Christmas with us, and with typical feline egotism, she assumes the whole thing is about her – that we’ve lugged a large, unwieldy conifer into the living room, not because it’s some type of human festive tradition dating back hundreds of years, but because she enjoys being in the garden so much that we’ve decided to vegetate the inside of the house just for her benefit too. I expect Twelfth Night will come as quite a shock for her…

Anyway, the internet should be back in action in a couple of days (unless a light shower of rain should happen to fall somewhere between Sydney and Calcutta in the meantime) and I’ll do my best to get out a new post and reply to all comments as soon as possible then (she says breezily, as if expecting hundreds of comments to have banked up rather than just two (thanks Dad.)) I also look forward to catching up on everyone else’s blogs and hearing about their Christmas plans and top reads of the year…


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What to say? I’m a 30-something year old woman from Sydney notorious for changing her mind. I have a cat named Seraphina Nightingale, whic
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12 Responses to Off the air…

  1. litlove says:

    Even though I love my internets, the thought of a two week break from the tyranny of the computer is rather a nice one. Mister Litlove and our son would go stark staring mad, however! And I think you are clearly very honest. If my traffic is anything to go by, most people read my blog when they are at work, rather than at home, and believe me, if I had a computer in my college room, I know what I would be doing there!

    Good luck with finding a footman. That sounds a tricky appointment. 🙂

  2. Melissa Romo says:

    Good luck BD, though your life sans computer sounds so ‘earthly.’ I have developed a debilitating need to connect with people that seems impossible to shake off. So hard. I also love the sound of your living room. We’ve done the same in our little apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey, and every night we can see the tippy top of the Empire State Building lit green from our window. Happy holidays from our side of the globe to yours!

    • Thanks Melissa – what a quaint and pretty image of your cosy apartment! I’ve missed the chance to wish you a happy Christmas, but I hope you have a lovely new year – and see some spectacular fireworks exploding over the Empire State building!

  3. Grad says:

    I’m so glad you are back. I am always the last person on the techno-wagon. I was a holdout for a cell phone until Nov. 2008, when I finally gave in. I still can’t figure out how to retrieve my voice mail and can only reply to texts. I can’t quite get the hang of initiating them. I do not have high speed internet (or slow speed, for that matter) at the house. I do all my internet stuff at my office. Of course, that means that I can only write and follow blogs at work – and all my Farmville crops wilt over the the weekend. (Not addicted to Farmville yet? “Don’t start” would be my advice).

    • I resisted getting a mobile phone for years too, but have to admit that I would find it hard now to get by without it (stupid addictive personality…)

      Will take your advice and stay well clear of Farmville…

  4. Emily Barton says:

    Ooo, you make me almost wish I’d lose my phone and Internet access for two weeks. Alas! That would mean I’d have to quit my job, since I telecommute. (Either that or take an unplanned 2-week vacation.)

  5. doctordi says:

    I’m late to this, BDW, but it seems your days of freedom (from the tryanny of technology) have cast a spell – and I can understand why! I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t blogged so much recently as it makes it easier to catch up!

  6. Wendy Wilkinson says:

    We are following now from the Canadian side of the family. thanks to the Xmas letter

    • I can’t take any credit for the Xmas letter I’m afraid – all Dad’s doing! But thank you for visiting – I will try to blog more regularly in future – have been very lackadaisical lately (love that word…)

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